Villa Monastero

Villa Monastero comes from the restoration of the convent, mentioned in 1208.

 In 1569, the buildings belonging to the church were sold to Paolo Mornico, and the only thing remained of the monastery was the small fresco of Pietà.

The Mornico family owned this property until 1862 and made many changes. A new facade of the villa was made, 2 large rooms on the first floor, which are called the Red Hall and the Black Hall.

Subsequent owners also made their changes, turning the villa into a model of eclectic style. Pay special attention to the internal staircase, made using different types of marble and the bathroom, called "King Farouk."


Since 1977, the villa has become the property of the national research council. And since 1996, the province of Lecco has created the public organization “Villa Monastero”, which is engaged in the restoration and preservation of the building and the adjacent park.


Address: Via G.Polvani, 4, 23829 Varenna LC


Open hours: MAY-JUNE-JULY-AUGUST every day from 9.30am to 7pm

Other period please check on the website


Via G.Polvani, 4


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